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Kenny Muhammad (born December 3, 1968), better known for his stage name The Human Orchestra or Dr Beatbender is a US Beatbox artist from Far Rockaway, New York. Through his association with the New York City Symphony,<ref>New York City Symphony: HistoryVorlage:Dead link</ref> whose principal conductor David Eaton composed the track Kenny's Joy for him,<ref>Vorlage:Internet source</ref><ref>Vorlage:Internet-source</ref> he was given the nickname The Human Orchestra. He is considered one of the greats of beatboxing.<ref name="eume">Vorlage:Internet resource</ref> In addition to appearing in TV shows and commercials, he collaborated with other beatboxing greats such as Rahzel.

A car accident that punctured his left lung left no permanent damage.

It's Showtime at the Apollo (theater in Harlem, New York)

"Amature Night"

8 February, 1992

(min. 31:39)

Kenny Muhammad appears on the Jay Lenno Show:

(NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 1992 to 2009)

Kenny Muhammad performs Kenny's Joy with the orchestra New York Symphony conducted by David Eaton.

30 Seconds to Fame US television series, Fox Network (from July 17, 2002 to June 26, 2003) (hosted by Craig Jackson)

Stan Lee's Superhuman - Super Sound Episode Season 1, episode 3 "Hammer Head" August 19, 2010 Kenny Muhammad, aka "The Human Orchestra"

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